Dogs are not our whole life,
but they make our life whole.

Fitzsimons Dog Grooming
For all breeds big and small
About Us
Appraisal, Bathing & Grooming
We appraise, bathe and groom your pet using the best products on the market to give them the pampering they deserve.
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Caring for your pet
A healthy coat comes from a healthy diet. Talk to us about the best nutrition for your dog.
A Healthy Pet
We can advise you on how best to feed, care and exercise your pet.
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We love dogs and it shows
All shapes, sizes & personalities are welcome. Call or drop into us at anytime to make an appointment.
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Famous for our expert care
and love for dogs...

Fitzsimons Grooming Parlour, established in 1970, is run by award winning groomer Hayley Evangelou. A specialist in dog grooming, she and her team will care and groom your dog as if they were their very own. Talk to Hayley today and give your pet the very best!

At Fitzsimons we take our time with all dogs – big, small, old and young. We don’t sedate any dogs that are nervous. We just take our time ensuring that all the dogs return home happy. 

Hayley Evangelou - Runner Up Ireland’s Favourite Groomer 2018
Best in Ireland
Hayley and friend
Let's give you the grand tour
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We love dogs!
A picture speaks a thousand words
Grooming Table
Where we get to work
Hey, that was fun!
It's nice to be pampered
Snooze time...
Grooming in tiring work. And it's always good to snuggle.
Here's looking at you kid!
Aren't I just the bees knees?

We are a trusted pet care establishment

IPDGA Registered
City and Guilds Qualified
Canine First Responder

Our Services

Step 1: Appraisal

No matter what dog, the first step in grooming is to appraise the pet’s overall condition.

Step 2: Bathing and Drying

Using the top products from Grooming Professional we will have your pooch super clean and smelling gorgeous!

Step 3: Grooming

From clipping nails to cutting fur - we do it all so your pooch will be the talk of the town!

Our Policy

We don’t sedate any dogs that are nervous. We just take our time ensuring that all the dogs return home happy.


Check out our FAQs page for common questions dog owners have about their pets.

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Our Shop

Here at Fitzsimons Dog Grooming we use the best products on your pet, including our famous baby powder! 

Dogs Aid Animal Sanctuary

Help Dogs Aid to help animals in need by adopting a dog or making a donation.